Enjoy the flexibility of transferring your credit limit from UOB Credit Card to UOB CashPlus account or vice versa to suit your usage

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I would like to adjust the credit limit for my UOB Credit Card(s) and UOB CashPlus as below:

All transfer of credit limit must be within your total existing credit limit of your UOB Credit Card(s) and UOB CashPlus Account. You must maintain a minimum credit limit of S$2,000 in your UOB Credit Card(s) and UOB CashPlus Account.

For Malaysians - Enter NRIC instead of Passport Number

Passport expiry date is required only if your previous passport number that you have provided to the bank has expired or is expiring in the next 6 months.

You must provide us with a mobile number that is registered with the Bank.

By submitting this application form, I, the Applicant 


(i) represent and warrant that all information provided by me in this application is true and complete


(ii) hereby authorise UOB (the “Bank”) to obtain and verify any information about me at the Bank’s discretion and further authorise the Bank to conduct credit checks and verify information given in this application with any party without reference to me.


(iii) hereby consent that the Bank may at any time without liability to me, use and/or disclose any information relating to me or any of my accounts with the Bank for purposes relating to this Application (including without limitation to the Consumer Credit Bureau, the Bank’s branches worldwide and its officers, agents, correspondents and independent contractors).


(iv) hereby confirm that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions Governing UOB Credit Limit Apportionment (the "Terms"); and


(v) further understand that the terms and conditions contained in the UOB Cardmember Agreement and the UOB CashPlus Agreement that can be obtained at uob.com.sg will continue to apply.

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