UOB Debt Consolidation Plan Loan Tenor Extension


To be eligible for this relief programme, you must be between 30 and 90 days past due on your UOB Debt Consolidation Plan.

Loan tenor extension will result in higher overall interest costs, borrowers should carefully consider the accumulated interest costs they will eventually have to bear and balance this against their need for temporary cashflow relief.



Fill up your details below and we will get back to you within 7 working days.

Special Financial Relief Programme (Unsecured)

  • Effective interest rate of 8% p.a.
  • Tenure of up to 5 years with fixed monthly repayment.
  • No early repayment penalty.
  • Not reflected as a restructured loan in your credit report.
  • Un-utilised credit limit on your UOB Credit Card(s) and/ or CashPlus will not be made available after conversion.

You must provide us with a mobile number that is registered with the Bank.

Employment Details

Reduction in monthly income

The loan extension is offered after taking into consideration the financial challenges that you may be facing.

For Salaried: Upload computerized payslips showing the pre and post COVID-19 and/or any company letter confirming the reduction in income or retrenchment.

For Self-Employed: Upload latest available NOA and any other supporting documents to support claim on the reduction in income.

Supports files: .jpg .png .pdf with a max filesize of 3MB.

    By submitting this application form:

    I acknowledge, understand and agree that:

    1. My application is subject to approval by the Bank in its sole and absolute discretion and any additional terms and conditions as may be stated in the approval letter issued by the Bank in connection with this application. 
    2. The Bank reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to determine my eligibility to participate in this programme, approve or reject my application, and to approve or reduce my selected extension loan tenure, in each case, without giving any reason or notice whatsoever or being liable to any person.
    3. If my application is approved:
      • interest will continue to accrue at the prevailing interest rate applicable to my UOB Debt Consolidation Facility;
      • all amounts payable by me in respect of my existing Debt Consolidation Facility (including but not limited to any monthly repayment amounts, interest amounts, default interest and/or late charges) prior to our approval of my application shall continue to remain due and payable; 
      • this will result in an increase in the total interest payable under my UOB Debt Consolidation Facility over the extended loan tenure; and 
      • default interest and any late charges/fees applicable to my UOB Debt Consolidation Facility will continue to apply if any amount payable under my UOB Debt Consolidation Facility is not received by UOB when due in accordance with the Terms.
    4. All other terms and conditions relating to my existing UOB Debt Consolidation Facility shall remain unchanged and shall continue to be binding on me. 
    5. The risk of misunderstandings, errors, unauthorised instructions, fraud, forgery, and the risk of operational, equipment, and network delays, failures, faults or errors howsoever occurring in the course of the transmission of documents and instructions are entirely mine, and the Bank will not be responsible or liable to me for any loss, liability or expense that may result from any of the foregoing.
    6. The Bank is authorised (without being obliged) to record any telephone conversation made or purportedly made with me whether with or without the use of a tone warning device and the Bank may use such recordings and/or transcripts as evidence in any dispute. The Bank shall not be obliged to maintain such recordings and transcripts or keep or make available to me any such copies thereof.
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